About Us

Inbal Sakas, Owner/Founder started her Accounting career as an intern at a CPA practice in Long Island where she got her first two referrals for part time bookkeeping services. Before you know it, two clients turned to four, four to eight, and FAR Experts was born. For the last 15 years Inbal has been theQuickBooks Pro, helping dozens of small business owners manage their day to day finances, yielding long lasting relationships with clients and their CPAs. Inbal’s focus on small businesses stems from personal experience. Since moving to New York City from Israel years ago, Inbal has faced many challenges while establishing and developing her own small business. She has tackled these challenges through focused determination, attention to detail, and promoting high quality services, characteristics that continue to reflect her business strategy today. She understands the inner workings of small businesses, whatever their size and shape, and enjoys watching her clients expand while she takes care of their finances.

FAR Experts is there to ensure that your numbers are always in good hands and informing you of any variances found. From making sure books are reconciled, to issuing timely vendor payments, FAR Experts is here to run your full accounting department or just provide a second pair of eyes, overlooking your current activities.

FAR Experts Ongoing Success couldn’t have been achieved without a Rockstar team of course. Through the years, Inbal had built an impressive lineup of accounting graduates who took to bookkeeping like a fish in the water, each helping facilitate the flow of documents and QuickBooks entries to better service clients.

Offering high quality service and the use of time-tested bookkeeping techniques, FAR Experts will ensure that your business is always in good hands while recognizing its potential for growth. From keeping the books reconciled to making timely payments, FAR Experts will identify the most effective ways to keep your business up and running to the best of its ability.

“It is truly an honor being trusted with clients crucial financial data and integrating my team as an inseparable part of their business Together, we are ready for the next step”

– Inbal Sakas, FAR Experts Founder

FAR Experts Speak Your Language!! Many financial or accounting professionals use terms you probably never heard before, creating confusion or misunderstandings. Many clients use us as the intermediary between them and their CPA, just to make sure everyone is on the same page.

FAR Experts Divides and Conquers Tasks! The more complex the organization, the more important it is to clearly map out duties, here at FAR Experts we keep communication open and monitor data continuously. We split big messes into small tasks and step by step clear all unknowns while structuring an organized plan going forward.

Questions we ask our clients in order to structure our services include:

  • What industry is the company in?

  • Do you maintain a number of fixed assets or a large amount of inventory?

  • How many employees do you have?